Prayer For Your Husband

The Vision

I was in God's presence for many days on the mountain without food and my prayer was "God give me something to bless my generation" "And God said gather the women together to pray for their husband" Hence "Prayer For Your Husband" started since May 1996. This special prayer meeting is God's divine programme for all the women that God can use them to bring His divine purpose, plan and pleasure to be filled in their marriages. It is a covenant meeting with God. It is not man-made programme. Your husband needs this type of prayer. Since May, 1996, God has been confirming His word and establishing His planned pleasure in may homes. This is an appointed meeting where God is reforming, reviving and healing homes.
Mission Statement: "Committed to building praiseful family and future through prayer and wisdom of God.


    . Your ministry on earth is to see that your husband succeeds.  

    (Proverbs 14:1)  

    . You are a help meet for your husband, not only physically but spiritually. You need to pray for him so that he will fulfill his divine responsibility.  

    . If your husband fails, you have failed, for you are his help meet. (Gen 2 vs 18)  

    . You cannot change your husband through shouting and complaining. It is only God, His creator that can change him, so come and commit his heart into God’s hands. (Proverbs 21:1)  

    . Prayers safeguard your husband from going into error or mistake that can destroy your marriage.  

    . When you pray for your husband, you are indirectly praying for yourself, because your husband is the head and you the wife and your children are the body, and when it is well with the head the whole body will be in peace.  

    . A husband whose heart is submitted to God in prayers, will surely love his wife, likewise submission to such husband will be easier.  

    . Through prayer, you can separate your husband from evil/unfriendly friends. Please know that fighting cannot help the matter.  

    . To deliver your husband from the hands of strange women, you need to seriously pray.  

    . To unfold and destroy the secret of the enemies.  

    . To keep your family light shining.  

    . You must not be a young widow.  

    At prayer for your husband, we do not only pray, we also discuss matters arising in marriages to acquire more wisdom for a peaceful home.  

    Think less of his offences, come to prayer for your husband programme and you will have a testimony. Know it that, both good and bad situations need prayer. Your husband needs this type of prayer. Prayer is an investment; so single sisters trusting God for a good marriage can also come.  

    Single sisters and wives are welcome. 


    Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul.

    Psalm 66:16

    I now know what is called marital peace

    thank God for surprising me. My marriage almost collapsed due to a false rumor that was cooked up against me. Things began growing from bad to worse on daily basis.But thanks to Jehovah Ellshaddai who intervened. He actually became my lawyer and Chief judge. Where I was sent out, I’ve been called back for honor. God actually fulfilled His promise in my life by restoring unto me the days that the cankerworms have eaten. To God be the glory I now know what is called marital peace. Praise The Lord.

    Sis. Toyin

    God touched my hustband

    In February “Prayer For Your Husband” We were asked to pray for our husbands that God should touch them. To my surprise my husband came back and confessed all his sins, asking for forgiveness and promised that he would not go back to the world again. God also touched his body and healed him. Praise the Lord.

    Sis Kike

    Divine encounter through magazine

    One of my friends in the school took our magazine (Good wife digest, now famil`y builder) out of my bag and read it. According to her, she said that, as she was reading the magazine she felt a cold sensation all over her body. After that encounter, she was pregnant again for she miscarried a baby before. To the glory of God today, she has a baby girl.

    Sis Tolu


    One of my customers came to make call; I could read distress on her face. The person she was calling refused to pick her call. I then asked her who is that person that dosen’t want to speak with her. She told me that it was her husband and that they fought themselves before the husband left the office. I then counseled her that by the time the husband returns home, she should be the first to apologize to him on her knees even if the husband is at fault, and I gave her our monthly magazine (Good Wife Digest). On getting home, when her husband arrived, as she was apologizing to the husband, the husband was doing the same to her, and the husband asked her, who taught her that wisdom? And that was how peace returned to reign in their home. Afterward the husband saw the magazine and read it and was interested to the extent he asked his wife to be attending “Prayer For Your Husband” Praise the Lord.

    Sis Bukky.


    I came to prayer for your husband in January 2006. Prior to this time, my husband has not been eating my food at home and avoided me for a period of one year. During the wisdom hour, this issue was raised on how to handle to it. I applied wisdom discovered and that very day God touched my husband. Now he eats my food and our bliss relationship has been restored. Praise Jesus.

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